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How it all began. . .

I 'm a South Carolina girl who began singing as a soloist when I was 5 years old.  Initially I sang Christmas carols annually in the homes of family, friends and in my church. I loved music and  sincerely longed to play the piano as a child, but my mother could only afford to pay for 2 piano lessons. Music remained my passion and my desire to sing and to play the piano never diminished.   As I matured, I volunteered to lead worship at my church. I discovered that leading others into worship experiences brought me great joy!! By the grace of GOD, I was able to develop my talents.   I became a Christian recording artist, songwriter and inspirational speaker. 

The Music . . .

I enjoy singing and composing Christian music in contemporary, urban praise, Gospel and Latin genres.  Yep! I speak and sing in Spanish sometimes!   I believe that anointed Christian music can bless, sooth and touch people in ways that nothing else can. I am honored that GOD allows me to sing for HIM. 

    I also enjoy teaching and sharing the Word of GOD with people of all ages. I have had the pleasure of singing, leading worship and speaking at numerous venues in Columbia, S.C. and surrounding areas. It's been an amazing journey that has brought me tremendous fulfillment.  

The Promise. . .

I believe the promise that GOD gave to me.  I trust that HE is truly with me when I sing and share HIS love and grace with others through music and other forms of media.


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